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The City of Kansas City, despite objections from citizens and taxing jurisdictions, continues to give generous incentives for development in areas that no longer need it, while neglecting areas of the city where development is truly necessary.


Twenty-year, 100% tax deductions have been freely awarded to both local and out-state developers on a consistent basis for many years.

Originally, those incentives were needed. Past development has allowed for a desolate, abandoned downtown area to become a vibrant exciting one. But it’s time for the next step.

If you take into consideration the numerous amounts of data that we have accumulated to show that these incentives are hurting our most vulnerable citizens, we feel that reducing the total property tax amount that a developer can have abated from 75% to 50% is more than fair.

Take a look at our extensive library:

Here are all the ways YOU can help hold City Hall Accountable:

1. Sign up for our Action Alerts. We'll notify you when an ordinance is coming before City Hall that involves an unnecessary request for incentives. Click here if you prefer text alerts (coming soon).

2. Make sure you check your SPAM folders or add "" into your contacts.

3. Contact your representatives using the drop down menu (roll over "Hold City Hall Accountable" for options).

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