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Notice of Referendum Petition on Ordinance No. 180676 Submitted to City Clerk with 133 signatures.

The Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform have officially submitted 133 voter signatures, more than the number required to put a hold on Ordinance No. 180676 which was passed by City Council on

Ordinance 180676 directs the City Manager to set up a financing agreement for the redevelopment of the Broadway Valentine Shopping Center.

We agree that the shopping center needs redevelopment. Our disagreement is with the excessive use of tax abatement:

  • Tax abatement has been in place for 22 years (since 1996). Despite this amount of time and funding the shopping center still needs redevelopment.

  • The project seeks 100% tax abatement. This far exceeds the 75% limit established by City Ordinance 160383 in 2016.

  • Planning was not transparent. It was done by the developer and city manager outside the Advance KC process. Members of the public and affected taxing jurisdictions (Kansas City School District, Kansas City Public Library and the mental health fund) were not consulted.

  • Our Petition does not stop the plan, it only brings it to a public vote.

We have until October 29, 2018 to turn in the remaining 3400+ signatures.


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