• Nathan Duvall

League of Women Voters Opposes Mayor's Pre-K Tax

On Saturday, the KC League of Women Voters adopted this position:

LWV is a strong supporter of public education. LWV is opposed to THIS Pre-K April 2 ballot issue because:

The tax is a regressive sales tax

The tax will be spent in conflict with the separation of church and state - provisions of Missouri Constitution Article

IX. Sectarian/parochial and home schools are included as tax-funded providers

Diversion of public funds (vouchers) to unaccountable third-party bureaucracies or to private and home schools that are not subject to public school standards.

The tax will not be accountable to taxpayers. Kansas City Council is the only elected board of eight boards within the tax provision.

Funds (grants and loans) can be used provider facility structure and renovation instead of education

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