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The Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform puts City Hall on Notice (again)

Updated: Dec 19, 2021


RE: Ordinance No. 180928

The Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform has released the following statement (and official request) to City Hall regarding our ordinance to limit tax incentives for luxury housing:

"Allowing the citizens of Kansas City to have a voice in deciding whether or not to continue subsidizing wealthy developers in lieu of supporting our schools, libraries and mental health organizations is critical. It’s time for a vote.

Section 703 of the KCMO City Charter requires that the above referenced initiative petition ordinance be placed on the next available “municipal or state election…” The next municipal election after the April primary election is the June 18, 2019 municipal election during which the next mayor and council will be elected. It is not the August 2019 state election as set forth in the ordinance.

The notion that members of the council somehow contend that the June election, when we will elect a mayor and council, is not a municipal election is incredulous. We are not aware of any factual or legal basis for ignoring the charter and placing this matter on the August ballot.

We respectfully request that you comply with the provisions of your charter and revise Ordinance No. 180928 to place the proposed incentive reform ordinance on the next municipal or state selection ballot.

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