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Plan for heavily subsidized, Ultra-Luxury Hotel faces historic resistance and a major setback

Is the era of entitlement for massive luxury subsidies over in KC? We hope so. But with so many flaws, this project makes a poor litmus test. Regardless, we hope the decision sends a strong signal to big developers and their legions of lawyers: Kansas Citians are looking for help with their neighborhoods and a sense that City Hall is starting to talk about equity. If this is the start of a trend perhaps KC's economic development bureaucracy will focus on more constructive issues and address local problems, like our affordable housing crisis and our far-flung, crumbling infrastructure. The following article is excerpted in compliance with copyright laws.

KC Business Journal ..."The Tax Increment Financing Commission of Kansas City voted 8-3 to deny a request for a massive incentive package after six months of delays that the panel offered to the developer in an effort to generate agreement among all concerned parties.

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