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  • Nathan Duvall

Advance KC 2.0: The city manager's aggressive plan to take even more from working families...

deliver it up to Kansas City's most entitled lawyers and developers, and silence the opposition.


Two years ago Advance KC 2.0 started out as a way to address a bad and outdated tax subsidy 'score card" and to bring diverse parties together toward possible compromise. There was an appointed 'standing committee' countless hours of virtual meetings and volumes of information. The word "equity" was even spoken out loud.

But while that was happening, privileged developers and well-connected abatement lawyers took advantage of a private back channel to City Hall. Under the banner of Advance KC, The Mayor, City Manager, and some City Council members have ignored virtually all public input. No equity here.

What we have instead is dangerous and unfair assault on low income families and the public services that strive to assist them. In fact, a new level of inequitable costs and benefits are in the cards.

We acknowledge that the working documents have been called "drafts" subject to change. But judging from the direction of the plan, working Kansas Citians can expect even less. The public will be locked out of the process while unelected officials literally get a blank check.

Here are the documents:

Housing Kansas City - DRAFT framework overview 08.04.22
Download PDF • 338KB

Attachment A. Minimum Standard Incentive Packages 2022-2027 with maps17
Download PDF • 2.15MB

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