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Fidelity Security Life Insurance Request for Incentives Testimony: KC TIF Watch

Below is the written transcript of the testimony given by KC TIF Watch in opposition for incentives for Fidelity Security Life.

Much of what I have to say has been said.

However, there are a few things that I would like to highlight:

Number one being that the financial analysis on this project indicates that it could be moved forward with 10 years of support rather than 15.

Number two being, as stated previously, we have many concerns regarding the need for the included garage.

This project is located along the streetcar line. The streetcar was taxpayer-funded.

It is close to at least two under-used parking garages. A recent citizen assessment of those garages revealed a total of 3,750 un-occupied spaces.

We are very concerned with the continued use of incentives, which is taking away money desperately needed by public education at this point.

In short, this project does not make the cut. Thank you.

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