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Kansas City Missouri Councilmember Ryana Parks-Shaw Votes No to Incentives for FSL

Below is the written transcript from Councilmember Ryana Parks-Shaw's testimony in opposition to incentives for Fidelity Security Life Insurance.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

I just want to express my concern about this. Whereas the S. B. Freeman indicated that this can be done in 10 years, why are we giving them the additional five years? Why was that proposed?

Why are we also looking at subsidizing a garage when there's over 3000 parking spaces just a few buildings down?

You know, I think the fact that we continue to incentivize big business and companies and not allocating dollars to our taxing jurisdictions and on behalf of our students and those suffering from needing the mental health levy dollars and in the libraries, I am concerned about the fact that we are continuing to do this.

I know that we as a council have talked about and have taken some action to show our dedication to not incentivizing big business on behalf of our kids. But here again, is another opportunity and we have to be able to make the decision on behalf of our students.

We could do this. It's been shown that they can do this in 10 years, why are we giving them an additional 5? Thank you.

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