• Nathan Duvall

The Case for TIF Euthanasia

We are not experts in bioethics. We have seen quite a few TIFs though, and this one should be put out of its misery. Even Mayor Lucas called it the project that refuses to die. Hotel Bravo has little to recommend it, but as of the writing of this post, the subsidy could still prevail. If someone of significance wanted it, it probably would have gotten private financing by now. But no one actually does want it, save a handful of true believers.

The developers have not done themselves any favors. I don’t know anyone that likes being mansplained, including males, ironically enough. But the approach of these wealthy, entitled, and fairly clueless gentlemen has become the source of knowing smirks among TIF insiders. Their pedantic style, gaffs, misstatements and generally odd hubris provide minor comic relief to an otherwise long, grim march. Although their manner lacks charm or even much factual content, you have to hand it to the developers. They are nothing if not persistent.

We do think it important to remind readers about the sizable public cost of even an unsuccessful tax incentive bid. The public cost for this series of windmill jousts must be quite high by now. We know of no limit to the number of tries a developer can make. Usually after a resounding No vote, even the most energetic developer + legal team tire and go away. Not these fellows. Perhaps it is time to introduce a three-strikes-you’re-out policy to keep the game lively?

Or even four strikes? Five? Please?

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