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Thanks to our Mayor and most Council Members for their vote on BlueScope - But it's not quite over.

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

After the defeat of Ordinance 200447, this project will be discussed by the PIEA board to decide on the incentive extension, most likely in July. The public may contact the PIEA staff who can pass your message on to the board if you would like to voice your concerns.

Our hope is that they will vote no as was indicated prior to the city council vote.

Our group had this to say about the defeat of Ordinance 200447:

The Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform wishes to thank the following city council members, along with Mayor Lucas, for their no vote on the BlueScope project yesterday:
Council members Bough, Parks-Shaw, Robinson, Barnes, Bunch, Ellington, McManus and O’Neill.
We look forward to working with the mayor and all the council members on economic development reform measures.
All parts of our city must be treated equitably.
Our taxing jurisdictions can no longer be “stepchildren”.
The lives of our citizens must be a high priority.
We can no longer just say, “Is it good for the children?”
We must be sure it is good for the children!

We'll provide a recap on our blog with video testimony shortly, but for now, please do take some time to reach out to the council members and the Mayor who voted yes and thank them for standing on the side of all people.

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