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Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent tells City Hall, "Enough is Enough"

An impassioned plea from Dr. Mark Bedell sent in a letter from Kansas City Public Schools' Advocacy News asked Kansas City residents to unite against unfair economic development deals which have a disproportionate affect on kids living south of the river, as opposed to those living north.

Two weeks ago the Kansas City Public Schools Taxing Jurisdiction representatives waded through stacks of financial documents to weed out the impact to our public schools' rapidly depleting budget and gave a great testimony to the Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee:

We share also the disparity between Councilwoman Loar's feelings when it comes to "protecting our public services" and the shocking statement she made in the wake of Kansas City Public Schools' testimony. She says that the city's priority should be to "look out for the city" and the schools need to "look out for the schools". What isn't said here is that where she lives and the people she represents, those school districts aren't negatively impacted like Kansas City Public Schools are, as Dr. Bedell's statement reveals.

This is scheduled to be debated on Thursday during the KCMO City Council Legislation meeting at 3pm on the 26th Floor at City Hall. It will also be livestreamed on Channel 2- https://www.youtube.com/user/KCMOCCO

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